• 28
  • Dec 2011

Were Moses and Jesus Fascists?

Author: Rev. Cary K. Gordon

Did you know that Barna Research revealed that more than 50% of graduating high school seniors in America believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were “husband and wife?” Did you know that Barna also found that only 37% of Americans could name all four of the New Testament Gospels? Did you know that Kelton Research uncovered that the overwhelming majority of Americans surveyed were able to successfully give the accurate ingredients found in a McDonalds “Big Mac”, but almost none in the same survey could name even ONE of theĀ  Ten Commandments? Surely Christians know more about the Bible than…hamburgers? What else might the modern church be missing from their knowledge base?

Unfortunately, Bible literacy in America is no longer the norm, even among those who regularly attend church. Correcting the problem is directly tethered to whether or not America can be restored. Rev. Cary Gordon addresses the subject of Mosaic Law and its proper relation to modern government, in the light of the work of Christ at Calvary and the significance of the Mount of Transfiguration. Enjoy this rare sermon on the true anchor of good government – the harmonious relationship between the Old Testament law of God and the New Testament law of Christ. Brace yourself as the sacred cows of popular Marcionism are slaughtered, and the real meaning of Paul’s writing in Colossians 2:13-14 is demonstrated in a reenactment of Moses’ “Law of Jealousy” prescribed in Numbers 5:23.

Watch: Were Moses and Jesus Fascists?

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