• 24
  • Jan 2012

Jesus’ Four Parables of Governmental Conflict

Author: Rev. Cary K. Gordon

There are only two kinds of men that can hold power on earth – the forgiven or the unforgiven – the righteous or the unrighteous! Jesus’ three and a half years in public ministry revealed the greatest collision between divine government and human government ever seen in the history of the world – concluding with Christ’s unjust murder on the cross at Calvary. In His parables of Mark chapter three, Jesus taught that there were four levels of government currently in conflict in our world, and that conflict continues to this hour. In this cornerstone sermon Rev. Gordon reminds the modern church of three great truths: 1) The source of all governmental conflict, 2) The mandate upon the modern church while amidst the conflict, 3) Who Jesus declared would inevitably win as these four governments collide for the final time. Click Here to Watch!

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