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  • Aug 2014

Do We Sue, Impeach, or Stare at President Obama?

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Should the president be sued for his lawlessness? Should the president be impeached for his lawlessness? Or should we keep on staring, see how it goes?

First, the lawsuit.

The Speaker of the House’s resolution for Congress to sue the president is a huge mistake. Before I explain, grasp the idiocy of Boehner balking at impeachment because the democratic Senate will “never convict the president”… while furthering a plan for the Congress, as a whole, to sue the president for the same reason, despite the same logic telling us the Senate will “never sue the president.” That’s a logical contradiction or my name isn’t Captain Obvious.

Boehner has lost so many of his marbles that the democrats are making more sense: “Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), a former judge, said the latest suit introduced a host of new legal questions. “Do you really want to cede to the courts the authority to resolve disputes between the branches?” he asked. “Would you want the president to sue the House for missing a budget deadline? How would it end?”

In other words, what if the black robes the judges wear don’t actually make them infallible? What if the courts end up granting the executive branch new powers in the same way they did with the Obamacare fine-turned-tax?

The only reason Boehner wants to sue the president is because he has daddy issues. He needs validation. He needs the Supreme Court to dub him with a magic wand and empower him to do his job and bestow upon him the Article I power of the purse that he already has, and the subsequent power to shut down 17% of the federal leviathan (but it’s a draconian 17%, mind you).

This is the reason Congress dipped to a 9% approval rating. Not because they are “too tough” on the rest of the government, but because they actively ask other parts of the government to do their jobs. They have the stamina of a stuffed panda, the grace of a drunk lemur, and the spine of a twerking jellyfish.

Now, impeachment. If Obama does unilaterally grant amnesty, he will be taking a section of our existing federal law that prohibits work for illegal aliens, and overwriting federal statutes. He’s going to write out a law passed by both houses of Congress and signed by a previous president, because he wants to “do stuff” while saying “I have a pen and a phone.” Is that an impeachable offense?

If you answered “yes,” then you have proper circulation through your brain.

Now, IS he going to be impeached? Probably not, but all reasons for not doing so are pathetic, particularly: “Well but then we would have Joe Biden!”

Look, Joe “Gaffe-tastrophe” Biden has been Obama’s impeachment insurance policy since 2012 when he re-nominated him. It was Obama holding our country hostage by daring us by with a senile, horny Vice President in the late stages of dementia. But if Biden did become president, he could harm the Republic no more than Obama… the 3,000+ unelected employees of the federal bureaucracy would keep on legislating and running the country.

What WOULD happen is longstanding embarrassment and shame for the Democratic Party that would last for 20, maybe 40 years.

He would mark his signature on the wrong page of bills. He would puke up his beer on the foreign dignitaries. He would give a press conference with oatmeal on his tie.  He would drop f-bombs as he read children’s books to students on those tiny plastic chairs. He’d skinny dip too much. He’d talk about “porking” female ambassadors while his mic was still on. He’d make rape jokes all over the place and accidentally blurt out his nuclear launch code on a live TV interview.

And yet he would be the colon cleansing of America for 2 long years (unless he absconded with Air Force One to Bermuda with his harem and never came back). Our allies would feel such pity they would be air-dropping “keep calm and carry on” leaflets in our cities, and our enemies would be scared that Biden would bump the big red button he stumbled around his office looking for his pet chicken. I really don’t see the long-term downside. Think about it: the democrats would do what they always do–Defend other democrats. And as they defended President Biden, citizens would petition for recall elections against their representatives all across the country. There would be mass defections and resignations of democratic county chairmen.

But here’s the serious point: the damage done would be the kind that we could easily clean up, like toilet paper on our trees in the front yard and Lego’s strewn all over the house. As opposed to Obama’s methodical destruction which is poisoning our trees by burrowing spikes into the sap, and where ash, glass fragments and rubber cement are rubbed into the carpet.

I’m sick and tired of our slow descent. Call Obama’s bluff; force the democrats to excommunicate their own President Biden from the party right before 2016. Bring it.

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