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  • Apr 2015

Progressivism In These United States

Author: Rev. Cary K. Gordon

It is often necessary to provide strong contrasts in order to clearly define things in our minds. For example, it is much easier to understand the definition of the word “something” if you first have a grasp of the reality of “nothing.” It would be more difficult to appreciate just how terrible a 4th grade disharmonic elementary brass orchestra truly is without having enjoyed the mesmeric wonder of a professional orchestra like the New York Philharmonic. Read entire article…

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  • Nov 2013

Waking Up To The Tyranny Of Too Much Government

Author: admin

Some of you know, some have an ‘inkling’, and some haven’t a clue. But the fact is your government is growing continually bigger, becoming more controlling of you, slipping into denying you rights that historically have been considered fundamental or inalienable, and criminalizing segments of society who’ve done nothing wrong. Read entire article…

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  • Nov 2011

Of Political and Theological Divides – A Way Forward on Abortion

Author: Rev. Cary K. Gordon

There is a divide that now noticeably exists among Christian political activists across the United States surrounding the answer to the question: should activists demand abortion be outlawed outright, or should they choose instead to incrementally reduce abortion out of existence by the application of varying degrees of aggravating regulatory laws? One side we will call the “incrementalist” insists the use of a method intended to gradually regulate abortion into oblivion, and the other we will call the “purist” demands incremental strategy be abandoned in favor of straight-forward legislation that clearly and entirely outlaws murder of the unborn at once. The strident and ongoing disagreement between these two factions, ironically, guarantees the abortionist continues to win, as he has for the past 38 years since Roe v. Wade. A solution MUST be reached. Lives are literally at stake. Read entire article…